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My Cloud Grocer Brings Online Shopping to Rockland Kosher


Rockland County, New York – August 16, 2016 – Rockland Kosher, the largest kosher supermarket in the New York metropolitan area, has brought their entire inventory online in partnership with virtual shopping technology provided by My Cloud Grocer. This move expands their customer base to kosher consumers across the country.

Kosher consumers from as far away as Boise, Idaho, or Memphis, Tennessee, can join local customers in browsing Rockland Kosher’s aisles virtually, with more than 40,000 products available including their bakery, meat and deli sections.

Rockland Kosher’s manager, Sheya Kohn, had been searching for the right e-commerce platform to boost his store’s sales. After some discouraging experiences with both a skilled software developer, who did not understand the grocery industry, and a generic e-grocery platform provider, who could not address the requirements of his business, he was referred to My Cloud Grocer by the store’s Point of Sale provider.

After an initial meeting, Rockland’s management team knew they had found the right solution. “My Cloud Grocer’s team fully understood the nuances of the grocery industry as well as our particular needs,” Mr. Kohn said. “They came up with innovative solutions to meet, and eventually exceed, our specifications.”

“When we heard that Rockland Kosher was planning to ship groceries throughout the country, we had to address the logistics challenges,” said Yehuda Vernik, My Cloud Grocer’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “With that in mind, we created a solution that streamlined all deliveries, which included a seamless integration with USPS and UPS.”

Rockand Kosher’s brick and mortar store is approximately 50,000 square feet in area, with many aisles and sections. “We had to optimize the “Personal Shopper Route” system to match the store’s structure. In this way, those collecting the products can easily find the items in the most logical, efficient and quick way,” said Dan Dashevsky, co-founder and chief operations officer of My Cloud Grocer.

“That’s the way we operate,” he said. “We work with each store individually to meet their unique requirements. “


About My Cloud Grocer
My Cloud Grocer provides comprehensive end-to-end e-grocery solution, from the customers’ shopping experience and the store’s selection of the items in their order through payment processing, logistics and delivery. The platform is designed for supermarkets to quickly integrate their brick and mortar stores into an online environment.

The My Cloud Grocer team brings to their clients more than 25 years of experience in enterprise platform technology as well as retail and online grocery sales. Their fully managed solution is designed for local, regional and national chains and is fast, intuitive, reliable, highly secure, and customized for each individual brand. For more information, contact: tel. 718.480.5000